Startup Directory

Pamico Technologies

PAMICO Technologies manufactures lab equipment, food and pharmaceutical processing, filling and packaging machinery. Their firm is equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing and testing machinery along with an exceptionally skilled workforce to ensure the manufacturing of the best possible and reliable equipment and machinery.

PakBloomia Floriculture Solutions

PakBloomia provides sustainable and affordable soilless substrate for high-quality plant production, replacing expensive and unsustainable imported peatmoss. They offer consultancy services for floriculture-related issues, including seed production and value-added product development, to enhance profit margins for clients in local and export markets.


Oinic provides herbal hair care products that cater to all hair types and help solve various hair problems. Their chemical-free products provide nourishment and hydration to promote healthy and beautiful hair while taking care of overall hair health.


Nutriments sell organic, high-quality herbal and natural products with a focus on improving women's health. They offer a range of products for diseases like PCOS/PCOD/LEUKORRHEA/Amenorrhea, including the PCOS seed cycling package and estrodose.


RemoteWell is providing a data-driven digital farming solution to remotely control and monitor water, air, temperature, and soil conditions.


Mashvra is a platform that connects mentees with consultants and helps professionals automate their services.


Eplant is providing a smart agriculture monitoring and irrigation system that utilizes IoT technology in order to optimize crop yield and reduce resource waste for farmers.


Kalarmar purchases low-cost saline terrains and uses innovative techniques to convert them into arable land using underground brackish water. These arable terrains generate diverse revenue streams for the company.


Balash helps local e- commerce startups by providing innovative ideas and products to create digital assets that can be sold in international markets and to aggregators. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs build sustainable, long-term businesses in the global marketplace.


Reuse.PK is a socially responsible enterprise that specializes in repurposing discarded cotton and fabric materials into premium goods, thereby mitigating ecological harm and advancing the concept of a circular economy.

Royella Trading Company

Royella Trading Company is working to reduce crop losses of dates by utilising surplus dates and turning them into nutritious candies that promote healthy living.


AG IVF specializes in providing in vitro fertilization services to produce superior-quality cow embryos. With their mobile lab facilities, they offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for commercial animal farms to access advanced techniques and expertise. Their ultimate goal is to enhance the reproductive efficiency of cow breeding and minimize the yearly import of cows.