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Fine Thread

Fine Threads, dedicated to sourcing premium materials and utilising advanced manufacturing techniques, introduces its latest innovation: 100% recycled yarn from PET plastic bottles. This eco-friendly approach marks a significant step towards sustainability. Certified by OEKO-TEX, Fine Threads ensures its products’ quality and environmental responsibility.  


WiserMachines serves as a bridge between physical and digital industrial operations, enabling all industrial machines to exist in a cyber-physical space. Their devices seamlessly interface with standard industrial communication protocols, providing non-invasive solutions for extracting vital analytics. They empower businesses to optimize processes, reduce waste, enhance efficiency, and promote profitability.


WriteO streamlines novel management, providing a centralized hub for effortless organization. With their innovative mind-mapping tool, authors can easily visualize character dynamics, thus enhancing character development. More than just software, WriteO cultivates a dynamic community that fosters collaboration and inspiration.

Visibility Bots (Private) Limited

Visibility Bots brings you VizCheckweigher, a cutting-edge product designed to rapidly identify underweight or overweight items, activating alerts and automatically rejecting non-compliant products, all while maintaining essential records. Whether you operate in the food, textiles, pharmaceuticals, or logistics sectors, their solution ensures consistent quality, product safety, and customer satisfaction.


VetConnect aims to bridge the gap between livestock farmers and veterinary services, harnessing the power of technology and connectivity. Their platform seamlessly connects skilled veterinarians with livestock owners in remote and underserved areas, making veterinary care and services more accessible and cost-effective.


Shopilam offers a convenient and hassle-free solution for aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their online businesses.By alleviating the challenges of investment, product sourcing, inventory management, and order fulfillment, Shopilam empowers individuals to pursue their eCommerce ambitions with ease and convenience.


Sayrab is a pioneering cross-border raw material sourcing startup, dedicated to tackling the inefficiencies and disarray within the Pakistani manufacturing supply chain. Utilizing advanced technology solutions, Sayrab offers a streamlined and efficient process for discovering and rapidly procuring raw materials. Through the establishment of a global supply chain network, they simplify operations, reducing complexity and […]


Re specializes in sourcing previously overlooked and off-the-shelf products, meticulously refurbishing and repairing them to reintroduce them to the market. This dual-purpose approach not only guarantees affordability for the end consumer but also plays a pivotal role in environmental preservation by conserving invaluable resources.


Nobel10 is your ultimate destination for simplifying the event experience. They provide custom ticketing solutions, secure payment processing, promotional tools, and seamless ticket verification. Their platform bridges the gap between event organizers and attendees while ensuring the security of your data through blockchain technology.

Modish Landscape

Modish Landscape is your go-to destination for modern, innovative, and all-encompassing sustainable landscape solutions. They offer a comprehensive range of garden elements, including rooftop gardening, living green walls, butterfly gardens, therapeutic gardens, gazebo installations, pergolas, water fountains, and indoor and outdoor plant scaping. Their vision is to democratize landscape gardening and horticulture practices, making them […]

Lysibody & Bacteriophage Therapy

Lysibody & Bacteriophage Therapy is pioneering “recombinant immunotherapy” and lytic bacteriophage lysins, representing a groundbreaking immunotherapy option targeting Gram-negative bacteria. This innovation has the potential to revolutionize public health by combatting AMR diseases such as typhoid, TB, and sepsis, thereby strengthening immunity and reducing healthcare costs. Their locally developed technology emphasizes affordability and accessibility, simultaneously […]

Live Learning Pakistan

Live Learning Pakistan is an EdTech platform that specializes in live online training for IT skills and freelancing. Their business model includes course fees, subscriptions, and corporate training collaborations, with a focus on technology-driven scalability and a customer-centric approach.