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Khalis is an e-commerce app that addresses the limited availability of organic products. They offer a wide range of organic items, starting with milk and expanding their selection. Partnering directly with local organic farmers and vendors ensures high-quality sourcing. Focused on quality, customization, and sustainability, Organic Market is the go-to choice for both B2C and […]


Confeet has cracked the code to a common problem that plagues athletes, professionals, and everyday heroes—persistent foot and shoe odor. With their innovative product, Fresh Feet Odor Eliminator, they offer an aqueous spray that not only banishes odor but also infuses a lasting, refreshing fragrance.


Fitzen is a health-conscious food brand offering a wide variety of nutritious snacks, including Diiron fudge, Diabetic biscuits, and oat milk yoghurt. Their vision revolves around replacing unhealthy snack options with wholesome alternatives to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Creeco (Pvt.) Ltd.

Creeco specializes in Biomass Gasifier plants, where they transform agricultural waste into eco-friendly, affordable fuel gas. Their cutting-edge technology powers engines, tractors, threshers, Peter engines, burners, and boilers, contributing to a greener future. With their climate-friendly syngas technology, Creeco provides farmers with a reliable alternative to diesel for tube wells and vehicles, making clean energy […]


Machvista offers Mechanical Transplanters specifically designed to substantially reduce transplantation costs. Their ongoing research and development projects are focused on integrating AI with mechanization, to further reduce expenses and minimize process waste in the agriculture sector.

BioLore Solutions

BioLore Solutions offers a polyherbal-mineral-vitamin formula that not only enhances broiler growth but also prevents diseases without the need for antibiotics. Their mission is to scale up and promote herbal-based solutions, safeguarding human health from AMR.

Agri Connect

Agri Connect is revolutionizing the agriculture industry. The platform provides smallholder farmers with cutting-edge technology and machinery, right at their doorstep, all at an affordable cost, ultimately leading to amplified agricultural production.


VermiCompost is a local producer of high-quality Vermicompost, a sustainable alternative to imported peat moss. The product is 100% locally sourced and easily accessible in the market.

Spurt International

Spurt International specializes in providing urban horticulture services to both residential and corporate clients along with a wide range of high-quality seeds, structures, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services to address the pressing challenges of food security and promote sustainability.


Greekian is developing an e-commerce solution to help Black Greek Sororities find trendy and unique merchandise which fits perfectly regardless of the body type using a fully integrated production department hence quick turnaround.

SAWiE Ecosystems

SAWIE is a digital platform that provides farm advisory and data solutions for precision agriculture. Using satellite imagery and machine learning models, SAWIE predicts crop health and offers advisory services to field crop farmers, improving yields in changing climate conditions. The platform enables real- time monitoring, early disease detection, and traceability of crop inputs for improved yield management and disease control.

Salam Kids TV

Salam Kids TV is an OTT SVOD platform that offers a safe and entertaining environment for kids to enjoy animated songs and programs that are filled with philosophical, logical, values-based, faith-filled, and culturally motivated content in Urdu.