Startup Directory


Sabzland is transforming the agriculture supply chain by providing a platform for fair trade opportunities to all Agri-Stakeholders.

Sahi & Sons

Sahi & Sons are exporting hand-mined edible rock salt that is natural, unprocessed, pollutant-free, and a better choice for daily consumption.


Shemote is a female-centric online platform that empowers women by upskilling and connecting them with remote work opportunities.

Junior Republic

Junior Republic is disrupting Pakistan's kids' apparel industry by making kid's garments with exported leftover fabric.

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab (PVT) Ltd is developing an IoT-based solution that helps conserve water and energy and controls GHG emissions in the atmosphere.


Innovate-it is a design and development firm that provides one-stop complete prototyping services to global startups and industries.

Humming Hyve

Humming Hyve is creating technology to monitor and manage humidity and temperatures in beehives using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Guiltless Pleasure Eating

Guiltless Pleasure Eating is replacing unhealthy processed food with healthy alternatives, designed specifically, by dieticians.

Farming Development Academy

Farming Development Academy uses virtual and in-person modes of customized training and vocational sessions for the capacity building of farmers.


Fabrico is leveraging AI and video analytics to detect and classify defects in textile manufacturing to reduce costs and improve profitability.


AgriBotX is producing autonomous AEVs (Agriculture Electric Vehicles) specifically used for precise crop production and weed removal.

Zarai Mandi

Zarai Mandi is attempting to solve issues related to data and information transparency in the agriculture sector by enabling price discovery for agriculture stakeholders.