With great excitement, we kicked off the Pitching Session for Cohort 3. From revolutionary agricultural innovations to cutting-edge tech solutions, we witnessed a myriad of captivating and promising ideas from passionate entrepreneurs.

Looking forward to a greater future for Pakistan with these dynamic startups!

NICF Advisory Forum

NICF was thrilled to host an engaging Advisory Forum Dinner, uniting Faisalabad's business leaders to chart pathways of partnership. With a focus on nurturing a thriving ecosystem, our forum stands as a cornerstone for guiding NICF's initiatives and offering invaluable mentorship to our startups. Together, we are shaping Pakistan's startup landscape and propelling it to new horizons of growth and innovation.

Learning & Development

In collaboration with atomcamp, we hosted a riveting seminar on 'Data Science and AI: The Science of the Future.' Covering a spectrum of cutting-edge topics, the seminar explored the pivotal roles Data Science and AI play in diverse industries. This event provided a transformative learning experience, empowering participants with knowledge at the intersection of technology and textiles, ready to shape the future of their businesses.
Syed Ajaz Zaidi, Founder and CEO of FCD Capital, joined us for an engaging session, unravelling the secrets of creating a $100 million powerhouse. This action-packed and awe-inspiring session left minds abuzz with breakthrough ideas and strategies.
We had the pleasure of hosting an incredibly engaging workshop on the methodology of "Six Thinking Hats," featuring Dr. Khurram Tariq, President of FCCI. From brainstorming with the Green Hat to analyzing with the logical White Hat – he covered it all.

We hosted a captivating session on 'Leveraging Entrepreneurial Intelligence and AI for a Competitive Business Advantage,' featuring Azhar Rizvi, CEO & Founding Director of Cambridge Advisors Network. The event was a profound exploration of how the synergy between entrepreneurial brilliance and cutting-edge AI technologies can pave the way for unparalleled business success.

Upcoming Events

Startups who have made it to the 3rd Cohort of NIC Faisalabad, get ready to kick off your exciting journey with Pakistan's first Agri-Tech and Textile-Tech incubator. It will be a great opportunity for founders to pitch their ideas to industry giants, get to know each other and learn about the incubation program.
The Orientation Day is scheduled to be held on 5th September, 2023 from 10:00 am - 04:00 pm at NIC Faisalabad.

We're thrilled to meet our disruptive startups and learn about their incredible ideas!
Unlock the path to excellence in a captivating session with Azam Jamil, a certified CPD Life Coach at NICF.  Get ready to be captivated by his insights and experiences as he guides us on a transformative 'Journey to Excellence.'

 The excitement is real, and we can't wait to share this moment with you all!
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Join us at NICF for an exclusive session with Habib Afzal, CEO of Inov8Lab, as he Demystifies the Sales Process & Scalability Ladder. In this power-packed session, you'll gain profound insights into the critical role that sales play in propelling startups to unprecedented heights.

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She Loves Tech 2023

In our pursuit of supporting innovation and women entrepreneurs, we hosted the She Loves Tech 2023 Local Round. This competition served as an arena for visionary women entrepreneurs, each presenting their disruptive ideas, illuminating the landscape of entrepreneurship with their brilliance.

Our Growing Ecosystem!

Intriguing discussions unfolded at our cutting-edge facility as we welcomed Safia Cassim, Country Head of Operations, Arslan Munir, Campus Head, Azm Aftab, Head of EPCAD, Hassan Asghar, Head of School - Business, and Najam Us Saqib, Coordinator EPCAD at Beaconhouse International College. Together, we explored innovative pathways to nurture and inspire young minds, cultivating an entrepreneurial culture.
It was a pleasure to welcome Eric Wood and Habib Ur Rehman from The Kaizen Company to our cutting-edge facility. During an immersive tour of our center, they enthusiastically engaged with our dynamic startups and team, sparking engaging discussions on collaborative strategies set to invigorate Pakistan's agriculture sector. We look forward to working closely with The Kaizen Company to bring more opportunities for startups.
We were elated to host the delegation from the National Textile University, united by a shared vision of creating positive change. Our collaborative discussions revolved around strategies to uplift Pakistan's youth, support budding entrepreneurs, and fortify the startup ecosystem. Together, we will leverage our collective expertise and resources to drive meaningful impact and pave the way for aspiring innovators and business leaders.

Startup Spotlight

We're proud to share the official MoU signing between our innovative NICF startup, RemoteWell, and OLIVE - FFC for an Industrial Water Management System for the industry and Smart Groundwater Irrigation in agriculture. Huge congratulations to Inaamul Haq Mansoor, Founder - RemoteWell Amir Zahoor, Co-Founder - RemoteWell, and Sana Ijaz, Legal Consultant - EpTeck, for achieving this remarkable milestone.
NICF startups made waves at SEE Pakistan World Startup Championship 2023. Greekian, PakBloomia, Oinic, and Royal Trading Company, astounded the crowd with their game-changing ideas, creating a lasting impression at Pakistan's largest entrepreneurial expo.


Meet Muhammad Yasin, the Founder of KallarMaar. His startup specializes in transforming cost-effective saline terrains into arable land through the utilization of underground brackish water.

Curious about Yasin's unwavering drive? Discover his inspiring journey here 👇
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