From Hair Fall to Hair Full: Join the Oinic Revolution!!

From Hair Fall to Hair Full: Join the Oinic Revolution!!

Beautiful and healthy hair is a source of confidence for many individuals. However, with environmental stressors like hard water, pollution, and ageing, hair problems can arise. In the bustling city of Faisalabad, Furqan, a student of microbiology, noticed people in his circle complaining about a similar issue due to harsh water. He consulted with his professor and did a chemical analysis of water that showed the presence of excessive dissolved matter. To solve the problem, Furqan turned to his mother, a certified herbalist, and they came up with a neem-based oil that not only fulfilled the nutritional needs of the scalp but also tackled the effects of hard water.

The oil garnered positive feedback when offered to students in his city. Recognizing its potential, Furqan teamed up with Awais, a young student with business acumen, and together they founded Oinic.

Oinic offers research-based personal care products that address adverse environmental conditions to restore hair texture and extend roots. Oinic stands out from the competition due to the harmony between natural ingredients and scientific research which is the core & soul of their haircare products. Its performance-driven products relentlessly work to solve consumers’ hair issues that arise with age and external stress factors.

To develop their business, Furqan and Awais have turned to NICF (National Incubation Center Faisalabad) and Founder Institute. NICF is providing them with mentorship to transform them from students to entrepreneurs. Their team includes talented individuals, such as Osama Khan, who handles digital aspects of their business, and Muhammad Rehan, who manages production and supply chain management. They also work with herbalists and environmental scientists to develop the best possible organic personal care products.

In addition to expanding its product line, Oinic aims to spread awareness about the importance of personal care through initiatives like OINIC Talks and OINIC Reading Series. To establish a 100% organic personal care brand made up of indigenous herbs and plants, Oinic is not only improving hair health but also creating job opportunities for others. Join this haircare revolution and give Oinic a try!