Lights, Camera, Salam! Bringing Safe and Engaging Content for Kids with Salam Kids TV

Lights, Camera, Salam! Bringing Safe and Engaging Content for Kids with Salam Kids TV


As parents, we all strive to be superheroes for our kids, protecting them from harm and guiding them towards a bright future. But in a world where YouTube is the new babysitter and social media reigns supreme, it’s harder than ever to keep tabs on what our little ones are consuming online. With the endless supply of content out there, it’s no wonder many of us worry about the potential negative impacts on our children’s development.


So, here is the story of Mohtashim and Maryam, a young couple from Iran, who faced this parenting predicament that many can relate to: how to keep their toddler entertained and educated on their rich cultural heritage?


Like any loving parent, they wanted to find the best resources to nurture their child’s mind. However, they quickly discovered that their search for valuable and engaging content on TV was as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. After scouring the internet and experimenting with different shows, they realized that the options were limited and often fell short in terms of quality and cultural relevance. Instead of giving up, Mohtashim and Mariam decided to take matters into their own hands. As graduates in cinematic studies, they knew they had to create special content for their child and others like him, who were craving to learn about their roots in a fun and engaging way.


To start their journey towards creating Salam Kids TV, they moved back to Pakistan and faced their first hurdle – convincing people to pay for the content. It was like trying to sell a toothbrush to a fish. Online payments were not very common in Pakistan, and people were accustomed to consuming free content. It seemed like an impossible task to get people to pay for something that they had always been getting for free.


Mohtashim and Mariam did not let this setback stop them from pursuing their dream. They knew that their idea had the potential to make a difference in the lives of children, and they were determined to find a way to make it work.


It was then that fate intervened, in the form of a global pandemic. As the world went into lockdown and people were forced to stay indoors, the demand for online content skyrocketed. Education, entertainment, and even social interactions shifted to online platforms. It was a blessing in disguise for Mohtashim and Mariam. During the lockdown, when others were fed up being confined at home, they utilized the time to create their first song named ‘Salam’, using some basic equipment and their brilliant production skills. The experts in the field appreciated the song and now these young parents are working towards launching a subscription-based platform where children can not only be entertained but also learn lessons like Baby TV and similar platforms but in Urdu. An OTT (Over-the-Top) platform is an online content delivery platform that bypasses traditional distribution methods, such as cable or satellite, to offer streaming services directly to viewers via the Internet.


Establishing an OTT platform animation content requires expensive resources and technology, and they lack funding. To overcome this obstacle, they have joined NIC Faisalabad, which is guiding them in structuring their idea into a business. Mariam contends that “While going through the FI assignments, we realised why things did not work before, it’s crucial to validate your assumptions in the very start.” Meanwhile, Mohtashim believes that “Your network is your net worth,” and through NICF, they hope to build a solid network to help them grow.


Mohtashim and Mariam aspire to offer the viewers an unparalleled platform that can stand toe-to-toe with renowned streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus. However, their focus is on developing locally relevant content that aligns with the cultural and moral values of the region while being suitable for children of all ages. They are determined to make Salam Kids TV a holistic platform that can facilitate children’s growth and development while providing wholesome entertainment.