28 March 2024

Investor Summit 2024



NIC Faisalabad First Investor Summit was a huge success and brought together some of the most renowned names in the VC world, including Fatima Gobi Ventures, Sarmayacar, Arzan Venture Capital, JS Bank Venture Capital, Accelerate Prosperity, Amaana Capital, AugMentor, i2i Accelerator, PNO Ventures, Acumen, sAi Venture Capital, Tawaref, Seedefy, GSMA, INNOVentures Global Private Ltd, Axial Consulting, and ScaleX.

Our nine disruptive startups pitched their ideas to the VC attendees, seizing a valuable opportunity. They further capitalized on this by engaging in one-on-one meetings with the VCs, and exploring the potential prospects.

We were also delighted to welcome leading industrialists from Faisalabad who expressed their strong support for the city’s thriving startup ecosystem.

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